4. Ep. #4: How to Assess Risk in Crypto – Confessions of a Crypto Actuary


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On today’s episode of the Crypto Alpha Podcast, we are joined by a special guest.

Hannah Jo Hamilton is an actuary and Senior Defi Specialist at Genesis, an institutional focused crypto lending company.

Hannah is tasked with assessing the risk of various crypto projects and their counter-parties; a term we discuss in great detail.

We are all trying to make sense of the current market, both how we got here and where we are going.

What better way to get a handle on it all then by talking with someone who is under the hood every day trying to answer those exact questions.

Although we try to limit our episodes to 30 minutes, this one was too good to keep short.

Settle in because whether you are new to crypto, a seasoned pro, or an expert in traditional finance hardened by multiple recessions, there is something for everyone in this episode.


1:00 – Welcoming Hannah Jo Hamilton to the podcast

2:00 – Hannah’s background as an actuary, crypto enthusiast, and DeFi analyst

3:30 – What is an actuary?

6:46 – What is counter-party risk?

11:00 – Inflation, the benefit of an elastic money supply in a market crash, and the moral hazard of bailing out investors.

22:09 – Thought Experiment: What if the coordinated attack of Luna and UST did not happen.

28:13 – The Fed has blood on their hands

36:16 – (Brandon) When will DeFi takeover and just be known as “finance”, plus the important role regulation will play.

45:29 – (Brandon) How DeFi can evolve to hedge against sharp downturns and counter-party risk in the future.

52:29 – (Andrew) Sounding the alarm on Celsius

58:16 – How to assess or value a project when no one else has yet, and the qualitative importance of “the team” leading a project.

1:06:38 – Is this the bottom or is a crypto winter ahead?


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